About me

I am a trained actress, clown and clown teacher. In 2005, I founded the clown group Déclic in Montreuil (France) with two other clowns und gave my first clown workshop. Since 2010, I offer regularly clown workshops in Berlin. This work brings me a lot of joy and inspiration for my own acting. I have also a PhD in French literature. In 2014, I gave a clown class in the University of Tampere (Finland) as a part of drama education.

How I became a clown

First, I wanted to be a journalist. My boss in a Finnish regional newspaper asked me to concentrate on the humoristic sides of life, and so I wrote humoristic columns for more than 10 years. I also wanted to go on stage and that is why I went to France to study acting in Toulouse and in Paris. In the entrance exam for an acting school I brought for the first time in my life a big audience to laugh. I was told to learn clowning. I am still on the way.

Links to my theatre and clown teachers/schools

Le Vent des Signes Anne Lefèvre, Toulouse

Studio Alain de Bock Paris

Royal Clown Company  Hervé Langlois

Compagnie du moment Vincent Rouche & Anne Cornu

Théâtre du faune Fred Robbe

Le Samovar Pina Blankevoort

Link to a short documentary about me in Youtube (in German)

Über mich

The workshop is a protected environment. The clowns may and should fail.