Clown Menu II

Next workhop: not yet planned (if you are interested, send an a-mail or use the contact form to let me know)

If you attended at least one weekend course and got to know your clown a little bit, this workshop is for you. We are looking for answers to questions such as:[nbsp] What temperament does my clown have? What kind of problems does he or she have? Which activities and what kind of clothes would be good for him or her?[nbsp] You will also get some practice with the basic principles that apply to both improvisation and prepared numbers: intensifying intentions, creating surprises, remaining authentic, developing a rhythm, keeping the contact with the audience.

Programm: Relaxation, exercices about the rhythm and contact with public/others. Working on your own clown and eventually on a short number.

Length: 12 h

The most important thing is not what the clown does but how he or she is affected when something happens.